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Reports and analyses

We are a hub of experts and we believe it is our duty to share our knowledge. For many years TOR Consultants Group Ltd. has been developing studies and analyses with the intention of starting a public debate on the changes that should occur in the sectors that we focus on. We have authored, among others, White Papers on Railways, Infrastructure, and Public Transport.

We monitor the Polish rolling stock market on a regular basis. Our report “Railway Rolling Stock in Poland ” is a comprehensive study in English that describes in detail the Polish market of rolling stock operation, production, and modernisation.

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The activity of the TOR Consultants Group Ltd. goes beyond business operations. We also commence and support independent initiatives that draw attention to the significant contribution of mobility, infrastructure, and rail transport to the development of Poland and its economy.

During the many years of its activity, TOR Consultants Group Ltd. has been instrumental in launching and developing many initiatives that integrated the milieu and facilitated sharing of specialist knowledge. Since 2000 we have been active, among others, through the Railway Business Forum, which is the largest employers’ association in the area of rail transport.


TOR Transport Consultants Group

TOR Transport Consultants is a group of integrated, specialised entities and business divisions. Apart from the main company, which is Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych TOR, the group includes TOR Certyfikacje and TOR BMC offering consultancy services in the areas of strategic planning, project quality management in rail infrastructure, public transport and logistics, as well as safety regulations in railway transport. TOR Transport Consultants also provides professional communication advisory services and divisions responsible for industry conferences and media.


TOR Publishing House

Nowadays, access to reliable information is a key to effectiveness – this is accomplished through our Publishing House .

We are the publisher of the Railway Market Magazine – which has become the industry’s most important rail medium, targeting both railroad managers and their employees, as well as railroad enthusiasts, and all those who are interested in the development f this field.

Through our portals we provide up-to-date information on what is happening in the industry. rynek-kolejowy.pl, transport-publiczny.pl, rynekinfrastruktury.pl and rynek-lotniczy.pl. Thanks to the work of our journalists we reach hundreds of thousands of people every day with the latest and most important information. TOR experts and analysts are also active commentators for external media and events in our field of specialization


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Who we are

TOR Consultants Group Ltd. is one of the leading Polish consulting companies. We specialise in the services covering dynamically evolving areas, such as transport and transmission infrastruc-ture, railways, public transport systems, air traffic management, and even urban space planning.

Our role is to support our Partners in accomplishing their goals. We do this through careful analyses of the challenges they face with respect to economic, legal, and technical issues. We help them first identify and understand such challenges, and then define possible solutions and find suitable allies. We build a knowledge base and educate market participants. We communicate with them through our specialised web portals, as well as through our strong presence in the media – including the social media. Our experts often act as authority figures during public debates. They comment on events that are widely discussed by the general audience. We do research, give our opinions, develop reports and analyses, but also organise congresses, conferences, expert-level debates, and specialist seminars. By doing so, we want to promote competent discourse, exchange of views, and obtaining key information about the fields of business we are active in.


TOR Academy

TOR ACADEMY is the name of our training centre. It offers access to internal and external sources of expert knowledge. We organise highly-valued training sessions, both closed and generally available.

Learn more about the events hosted by TOR ACADEMY at: tor-konferencje.pl

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TOR Conferences

We are also the organiser of many diverse industry-related events. They act as a platform enabling information and knowledge sharing between persons involved in the development and implementation of modern solutions and concepts. Participants in our meetings – congresses, conference, and debates include decision-makers, managers, representatives of all tiers of the authorities, and scientists.

Having organised numerous events over many years, we have managed to develop new conference formats hosting debates on the most important circumstances, plans, and problems that affect all aspects of transport industry in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe.

Railway Congress – the largest and the most prestigious conference event in the rail transport industry, organised by Transport Consultants Group TOR in cooperation with the Railway Business Forum. All the past editions had exerted major impact on the rail transport industry in Poland. There is no bigger platform for discussing the Polish railway market. The debates held in previous years attracted hundreds of participants: politicians, representatives of local governments, scientists, businesspeople, and manufacturers.


Public Transport Congress – the largest Polish conference event addressing all aspects of mobility and public transport in cities, agglomerations, and regions. It is a unique opportunity for sharing information and experiences between representatives of public transport managers, manufacturers of various solutions, and the associations they belong to.


Polish Infrastructure Congress – a conference event focusing on the state of the transport infrastructure market, and on the opportunities and challenges it faces. Every year it attracts many experts, politicians, members of local governments, and managers of companies active in this area.


Aviation Market Congress – after several years of organising the Aviation Forum, a specialist meeting for the people who shape the Polish aviation market, we decided to launch the Aviation Market Congress. It is an event that will bring together the Polish aviation industry, space industry, and unmanned aerial vehicle industry.


Find out more about our conferences at:tor-konferencje.pl

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